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crosswind-stability-0Ok check this, to start I would like to point out that this is a strictly opinionated, subjective review. There are some things I will state that I believe are to be true even objectively, however I want to cover my tushy and say its my opinion.

I just got my hands on a red Nokia l920. I have been, since early summer, using a dark ages phone, my Sony Ericsson w580i. I originally had a focus, but dropped it from three stories high. It survived, but had some glitches that eventually led to death after that incident. Ok start review.

I’m a 21year old who has some college under his belt and starting up in a career style technician job. This lets you see what my opinions and preferences are based off of. I want something with a sleek style, damage resistant, has social media connections, business adaptions and great contact organization so I can keep my ladies numbers stored and organized.

Since I just recently ditched my dumb phone I am very happy to be back in the smartphone game. I am not a stranger, however when I comes to smartphones. I’ve handled all types ranging from the fruity phones to the android things to the old school windows mobile bricks. I have expectations in a device when I own and use it. One thing my l920 takes care of is SPEED and STABILITY. I love the responsiveness and stability of this device. I am young and therefore have little to no patience for slow or lagged up devices. It is 2012 and soon to be 2013 (if the world doesn’t blow up or whatever) and I want my devices to work like I thought they would now back in the 90’s.

Another thing my l920 provides me is a thorough integration with social media. I do not use twitter, instagram or whatever else is out there, but I do use Facebook. Sometimes I forget that my phone syncs up with Facebook because of how well it is integrated. I feel like this is how it is supposed to be, as if Facebook just belongs here on my phone.

Now that my need for social media had been handled I have turned to review my options for business. I have already synced up all my emails and even located the vpn options. If I were to make this my work phone (which I won’t.. I’ll be issued a iPhone for that…..) I could have the company get their grasp on my phone and allow it to sync into their security. I’m not to say on encryptions, however i do think Doug Simmons touched a bit on winphone8’s EAS. I have many tools available to me as well such as excel, word and one note. These work flawlessly for me and are very important for me to have.


Additional things I would like to point out that stood out to me are listed as follows:

Amazing screen quality that is easy to navigate with my big thumbs.

The screen glass is very tough which is great for me while on the job.

The camera’s lighting is brilliant even without the flash.


The ie9* browser is pretty dang slick, ain’t that right, lemme hear you one time.

UPDATE 09:14:28 22 DEC 2012: It’s actually ie10 not ie9 oopsie (thanks Ram, another airbus!!!!)

Anyway, I thought I would share my opinion with you guys/gals. Let me know what you like and dislike!