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AT&T Promoting Lumia 920, Windows 8 Tablets and Galaxy Note II For Business


A few days ago I browsed the AT&T website and reported on them grouping all Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 devices together under the banner of “Meet The New Windows” and tonight I found something else that piqued my interest. AT&T is promoting The Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung ATIV smart PC and Samsung Galaxy Note II for business productivity. What is of particular interest to me is the absence of the iPhone 5. As much as the iPhone is the best selling device series of all time the stigma remains that its for the consumer use not business.

This is another sign that carriers are taking Windows Phone much more seriously now that it shares he kernel with Windows 8. AT&T knows that Microsoft is going to throw billions into marketing Windows 8 and they are making sure their Windows Phone offerings come along for the ride.

The Samsung Note II is a no brainer because of the real estate and Android has always been a powerful OS capable of being as productive as the user wants their device to be.