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Sports Calendar for Windows Phone

With the NFL Draft underway, thought it would be a good time to highlight Sports Calendar, an app that pretty much offers complete schedules for any and every sporting event you can imagine. Not sure of that. Ok, how about: Baseball: AA (Eastern, Southern, Texas), AAA (International, Pacific Coast), MLB and NCAA, Basketball: NBA, NCAA and Women’s NCAA, Fighting: Mixed Martial Arts (Bellator, Strikeforce, UFC), Football: Arena League, CFL, NCAA and NFL, Golf: LPGA & PGA, Hockey: NCAA & NHL, Racing: Motorcycle (AMA Motocross, AMA Supercross, MotoGP, World Superbike), Open Wheel (NHRA, Formula 1, Indycar), Stockcar (NASCAR, NASCAR Nationwide, NASCAR Truck), Soccer: English Premier League, Euro 2012, German Bundesliga, La Liga, Major League Soccer, Scottish Premier League and Serie A. Don’t see your league of choice, ask the dev. The app is already available on webOS and Android, and now we get some WP goodness.

Navigation is simple. Select a sport, league, team and the season schedule pops up for you, scrolling as close as it can to the current day. Nice touch. The default view is All games, but you can also pivot to Home games/Away games only. Tap on any game and you get some additional information like start time, location and other information which could include TV broadcast networks or game status.

The Home screen has an option to view all of Today’s events so at a glance you can see the schedule for every sporting event, grouped by league. Oh, btw, tapping on any league header collapses the list allowing you to quickly navigate to the sport or league of choice. When viewing any individual sport or team you can tag it as a Favorite. So, if you like NASCAR, tag it. The Yankees, tag it. Back on the Home screen, tap My Events and you get a view of all your favorites, grouped by Today, Week, Month, All & Teams.

But wait, it’s NHL and NBA Playoff season. What about that. Glad you asked. All playoff rounds are included in the app, so for example, with the NJ Devils playing golf for the past month, I am tracking the NHL Playoffs. Sports Calendar can also provide “push notifications” for all of your Favorites. Once activated, all of your favorite events will be sent to you via Toast notification 10 to 60 minutes (your choice) prior to the scheduled start time. There are other features planned, like dropping all your Favorites into your Calendar, but you will need to wait for the Mango API’s to get that.

The app is a little pricey at $2.99 and it does not offer a trial, which is a bummer. And I will admit when I took the risk and dropped my cash back in February I was somewhat disappointed. But the developer has been very responsive and open, addressing each of my issues, improving the app with each update. You can find it in Marketplace here under Sports or by searching on your phone for Sports Calendar app.