Yesterday one of the bloggers at Slate said Microsoft store at his location is empty while Apple stores are full implying that the stuff at Apple stores are flying off, while at Microsoft store are not. If Apple stores could move at the pace that the blogosphere and typical Wall Street pundits like Street Insider with their thrilling headlines, I think Android wouldn’t be leading throughout the world. I mentioned Street Insider because they made the original blog to look negative on Microsoft products with their headline, and most of the readers just read headlines and/or first few sentences.

Street Insider’s interpretation of Slate blog is totally laughable except for their first line Maybe most of its sales are online?”
While I agree Microsoft stores are with less traffic, and Apple stores have more traffic, I don’t agree that Apple stores are selling their stocks out. Of course the original blogger is not claiming Microsoft products are bad, he is just claiming Apple stores are getting more traffic.

I can tell why Apple stores get more traffic. I had been to good number of Apple stores and few Microsoft stores. Most of the visitors to Apple stores come there to learn how to operate their iPhones, iPads or whatever Apple product they own including the software and the peripherals and Genius Bar also gets a lot of traffic. The people that visit Microsoft store rarely gets visitors that want to learn how to operate their Windows Phones, Tablets, Xbox or PCs. The buyers that come to Microsoft store most likely know about their purchase.

Also the Genius Bars get traffic to fix their iPhone, iPad screens or malfunctioning home button etc. problems. Hey Street Insider, please try to read properly. Slate blogger
didn’t say negative thing about Microsoft, but he just said the store doesn’t have any traffic. He didn’t say Apple Store is selling fast, he just said it has had traffic on Sunday. That makes your headline moot.

And moreover most of the shoppers do their shopping online these days and visit stores if they have issues with their products. I don’t want to equate myself with Street Insider, but if I use the same glasses that Street Insider uses, I could’ve said most of the Apple Store visitors have issues with their purchased items. But I don’t say that, because I know they are good. :D


Photos credits: Microsoft Store Galleria Mall, St. Louis and Apple Store Galleria Mall, St. Louis


  1. Good article with good points. Writers rarely consider the weight of their words and sensationalism rules the day. Yes Apple stores tend to have more traffic but that is more do to people dealing with their existing products. It isn’t like everyone that walks in is walking out with a purchase being made.

    Apple makes good products, has brand swag and usually is situated in prime real estate in the mall. They have a good thing going on but it is also true that Microsoft offers a compelling experience too. Xbox, Windows Phones, Surface devices and the latest curated selection of Windows devices so a lot to take in.

    • Yes. I totally agree with you. Most of the tech analysts and bloggers miss that particular point and make their analyses or article look like every walker into Apple store is a buyer.

  2. Thanks for this article. Your observation about apple store traffic is exactly what I have observed. In addition, apple store seems to have more staff hanging around, which makes the store looks more crowded and busy than it actually is.

  3. About time someone see the truth apple great but Microsoft is better.. Media and journalist only want you to hear and read . What they want feel is best for you to hear and read .. . . Bull.. .. Everyone loves Microsoft when the o.c was introduce. What’s the problem now. . People hate change they love to stay in there comfort zone . . .

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