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Sprint and Verizon Get Windows Phones In January

File this under rumor, but Neowin is reporting that both Verizon and Sprint will announce Windows Phones in January. Now Paul Thurrott already dropped a hint on VZ and now it’s spread to Sprint. Let’s tie this in to CES which starts January 6-9 so yeah, I’m going with January 7 (really, MS loves the number). Based on the fact that you need to advertise, that’s likely the announcement date, with a release later in the month but of course, it’s all speculation as there’s no source for these rumors so I’m free to run with it…and you are too. Do you think these rumors hold up? Is it too late? I really think if MS is releasing Windows Phones for VZ and Sprint it’s a really stupid move to wait until after the holidays to announce it. I mean, that’s a ‘really’ moment if you ask me.