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StarStar Me Service Now Available on T-Mobile

So for $2.99 per month you can have a funky personalized number on T-Mobile?! I’ll pass thanks, I’m not on T-Mobile, but if I was I don’t think I’d want this service. Sure this would be great for teenagers  and I think that’s what it’s aimed at personally. The service let’s you pick your own personalized number, like mine could be **kris and it would call me if you pushed those buttons.


Today, Zoove announced its StarStar Me service is available to T-Mobile USA customers nationwide.  StarStar Me provides customers a personalized mobile phone number such as a name or favorite word and the ability to manage incoming calls through the StarStar Me app.

“We are very excited to offer the StarStar Me service to T-Mobile customers, who we believe will really appreciate an easy and affordable way to stay connected with friends, family and colleagues,” said Joe Gillespie, CEO of Zoove. “With two-thirds of smartphone users having downloaded social networking apps to their phones, there’s a rapidly growing trend in today’s on-the-go lifestyle to extend our personal communications and identity into the digital realm via our mobile phones.”

T-Mobile StarStar Me customers can customize their personalized mobile phone number into any name or word they want, such as **CHLOE (**24563) or **JAVAGUY (**5282489). Callers simply tap the star key twice followed by the unique customer word on any mobile phone’s keypad.

With the StarStar Me app, available as a free download from Google Play and iTunes, StarStar Me subscribers have the option to automatically respond to calls with a custom text or pre-recorded message or send callers a link to a personal page that includes links to their blog, website, or social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as other contact info, which can easily be added into a mobile phone address book.

To sign up for StarStar Me, T-Mobile customers can simply call **ME (**63) on their mobile phone, or visit The service costs $2.99 per month plus tax with the charges appearing on T-Mobile customers’ bills.