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Stream Your Audio Everywhere With Jamcast for Android

Did you ever just have one of those days where you really just didn’t feel like doing anything at all, yet you have a stack of work to do? I’m having one of those days, I just want to sit or lie down and watch TV maybe or take a nap. Anyway, this just popped into my email, there’s a new app/service called Jamcast that let’s you stream audio to your Android devices everywhere. The cost is $30 for the app, is it worth it? It is if you use it, but I know there are free options out there…

Software Development Solutions, Inc. announced today the launch of Jamcast Player, a streaming client app exclusively for Android devices.  Jamcast Player is compatible with Android version 2.1+ and is now available for download from the Android Market.


Using Jamcast Server and an existing home internet connection, consumers can establish a secure private cloud from which all of their digital music is shared.  Jamcast Player then connects their Android device to the private cloud over a 3G/4G or Wi-Fi data connection, allowing users to browse, search, and stream their entire music catalog from anywhere.


Jamcast Player provides total control over audio quality and network data usage with adjustable performance configurations by network connection type.   Additionally, Jamcast Player proudly supports native playback of a wide variety of audio formats, including FLAC/FLAC-HD, OGG, MP3, WMA, ALAC, and AAC/AAC+.


"Jamcast is for consumers seeking anytime access to their digital music collection from anywhere without syncing or consuming storage space on the device," said Scott Streaker, President and CEO of Software Development Solutions, Inc.  "This is smart, simple software designed with the advanced listener in mind."


While still in beta, Jamcast Player already packs an assortment of other features including gapless playback, automatic internet server discovery, integrated security, voice search, SD card installation, car dock support, and more.  The quick and intuitive user interface displays high resolution album art and is optimized for car usage.


Jamcast Player is a free download from the Android Market for devices running Android 2.1 and higher.  Optimized display support for tablet devices and Google TV is forthcoming.


Jamcast Server is simple to install and runs on Microsoft Windows XP or higher.  A fully-functional 14-day trial of the software is available for download at, and a license can be purchased for only $29.99.