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Study: The Lumia 900’s Screen is 40% Less Reflective Than the iPhone and Best of Any Mobile Device

We already know that Nokia is going to be using the screen as a selling point for the Lumia 900. It’s an AMOLED screen but it has Nokia’s ClearBlack technology applied. ClearBlack is like polarising glass that reduces reflectivity but how good is it?  Well it was put to the test and the results: “the lowest screen reflectance of any mobile device I have ever measured…4.4 percent, which is almost 40 percent lower than the iPhone 4.” The result is a brighter looing screen that appears to be clearer. So when everyone says that the new iThingy is going to have an anti-reflective screen coating that will be a game changer, just remember that  they’re not leading the pack – Nokia is at the forefront here.

By the way the image shows a Symbian device with ClearBlack on the left and without it on the right.

via CNet

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