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Sudoku Battle: WP7 v iPhone

Here’s a pretty neat article about writing a sudoko app in Silverlight and theming it for both the iPhone and WP7. As the dev notes:

Couple of weeks ago I had created a Sudoku Game in Silverlight and dressed it up in iPhone’s theme, I even posted the code on Codeplex. Now, yesterday with some time on my hand and WP7 expectations running high I took the same codebase and by just changing the main view’s XAML in Blend, I re-dressed it in WP7’s theme. It’s not pixel perfect and the animations need work, but I think we have a reasonable WP7 metro-theme inspired implementation in something that took less than 3 hours of work. Moreover, the iPhone version and WP7 version apart for the visuals are absolutely the same, the backing ViewModel code is without a single change and they both offer the exact same functionality. This is a testimony to both the benefits of a MVVM design (even with games) and also to nRoute framework, upon which both these demos were made.

The end result is you can play both versions of the game online and compare the aesthetics. Personally, I find the iPhone version to feel cartoony and the WP7 version to feel a lot sleeker, but I’m biased:) So give it a shot yourself. The iPhone version can be launched here and here is a link for the WP7 version. What do you think? Did MS get it right? Any thoughts on the ease of development?

As a nice follow-up, here’s Sudoko running on WP7 and the dev notes the ease of authoring.