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Play Boneyboy Yet?

Ok I’m almost done chuckling at the name of this game:) Anyway, this isn’t a new game…we just never told you about it:) It’s a traditional jump and run type game (like Mario or Bonk) but it has a few great tricks up its sleeve. For one, it’s really well put together. Both graphics, smoothness and music/sound are everything you would want, including backgrounds that move at different speeds to give that 3D effect (well TurboGrafx style 3D at least:)). But the ease of play is really a selling point for me. You can control the movements by tapping on the screen and it takes about five seconds to get the basics of the game down pat. And that’s what makes a game great.  To shoot just tap the screen and to jump just flick up. It’s that easy. And this appears to be a newer feature as older reviews say that a dpad is required. It features 30 levels and bonus levels so you can expect to get a bit of game play in on this one before you put it down. And there seems to be a consensus on this one:

"Probably the best platform scroller I’ve seen" pocket pc magazine "In fact, I can truly say that I have never seen a platform scroller with such amazing visuals as the overlapping 3D graphics found in Boneyboy." justanothermobilemonday "Probably the best platform scroller I’ve seen" pocket pc magazine

Now for a confession. I’ve played about 5 minutes of the demo so far…but with that little I was inspired to write about how much I already like it:) Oh and here’s a little video that I think is a little underwhelming (since I think the ease of play isn’t represented) but hey, it’s something:)

You can go to your favorite sites to demo the game or buy it. Clickgamer has it for just $5 and Pocketgear for $6.25 (that’s where I got the demo I tried). I suggest trying the demo out…