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T-Mobile’s Carly Foulkes is back with an Attitude!

tmobile-time-to-set-the-record-straight-test-drive-carlyT-Mobile spokeswomen Carly Foulkes has given us a lot of great commercials. Early parodies with a strange AT&T guy and how slow the AT&T Network is.  Yeah we loved it. But all during that time Carly has maintained that girl next door attitude and while she has a super model body, never dress in anything other than a pink dress. Obviously T-Mobile colors. She’s back and she done got her some attitude! The commercial opens with her in a Big City apartment looking out at an amazing skyline view and is apparently wanting to go out on the town. Nothing in her closet seems to fit the bill until she throws on some black and pink leather racing suit with leather boots and gloves to match and heads out to her black and pink Ducati! Yeah the bike sounds sick and she tears up the road to close the commercial.  What’s the point of the commercial?


Thanks to Ed D for the heads up!

Check out the commercial called Alter Ego.