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Take that “new iPad”–Microsoft has worst name of the year with “Windows RT”

Oh Apple you think you’re so cool with a crappy name, right? Well Microsoft won’t take tat lying down and have gone far crappier. Yes Microsoft has now announced three versions of Windows for PC it’ll be Windows 8 and Windows Pro for x86 and for ARM it will be called Windows RT. Now they don’t talk about why it is named this but WinRT is Windows Run Time – the language used for Windows 8. It makes absolutely no sense to use it here though as WinRT is on both x86 and ARM. Windows Tab, Tablet, Slate, Metro, Arm..there are plenty of plausible names. Windows RT is just stupid and try to explain to people what it means – good luck. With the ipad, that was already a name brand so people understand that the new iPad is the…uhm new iPad. What’s a Windows RT? Was Windows ME and Windows CE already taken? Oh wait, they were…I guess there’s some legacy in a crappy direction here.

I guess we should go through the different versions:

Oh well, Windows Crappy Edition (hey that’s Win CE) here we are.

UPDATE: just a few more points here. Windows Media Player is not available on Windows RT. No idea why. Windows RT is missing legacy apps but that was always known. Also “Windows Media Center will be available as an economical “media pack” add-on to Windows 8 Pro.” So that means you pay for it and it’s only for the Pro edition, not Windows 8 or Windows RT.  Windows RT also comes with Office which is going to be somewhere between the desktop version and the Windows Phone version I’m guessing. They state “Windows RT will include touch-optimized desktop versions of the new Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.” Also they note that Storage Spaces are missing from Windows RT. I don’t know if Storage Spaces is SkyDrive but that’s what it sounds like except that seems like a ridiculous omission just because Microsoft is supposed to be pushing SkyDrive so that would be like leaving off Internet Explorer…