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Bubble Gum Air: 2m BB Downloads, Now Available For WP7 and iOS

The same developer behind Crazy Survival has ported their game Bubble Gum Air to Windows Phones and iPhone and it’s still free. Here’s the description:

The game, that has rocked BlackBerry applications market and more than 2 millions of downloads are the best proof for that. 8 weeks in the Top 100 List of Blackberry Free Applications.

Bubble Gum Air is a game for each and every person who wants to relax, to laugh and to spend some good time! So there is a monkey. The monkey loves bubble gums. They are tasty and … help the monkey to fly. But there are birds, angry birds. And angry birds don’t think that it’s a good idea for monkey to fly. So they attack every time that they can. The main aim of a player is to escape from the angry birds but, if the clash is unavoidable, the monkey can hit the angry birds with its paw. The more time you manage to escape from the angry birds the more point you get, if you manage to kill a bird or two or three or more you will get some extra points.


– for all ages;

– funny; – beautiful;

– interesting; –

adorable sound and design; –

Scoreloop Leaderboard, will you be the leader? Help the monkey Fly!!!

And let’s see it in action:

You can find it for Windows Phones here and for iPhone here.