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The Easy Way to Turn on Bluetooth During a Call

I know I’ve been on a bluetooth rampage lately – guess I need to go to the dentist (sorry, too easy). Anyway, there’s a nice little application from Shubaroo called Bluetooth Toggle that adds a ‘turn bluetooth on’ option directly into your phone’s menu. The benefit is that while you’re in a call you can just bring up the menu to turn on/off bluetooth which is easier than going into connection manager and turning it on from there (it’s less steps unless you’ve mapped a hardware key to connection manager). And it works well – with your bluetooth headset on just turn it on from your phone as well and hit the ‘send’ button on your headset and it connects during a call.  Shubaroo has a lot of other nice little utilities as well that are worth looking at. 

Oh and don’t mix this app up with another app by the same name that gives you a shortcut to turn on/off bluetooth- that one is for button mapping or adding a shortcut and does not go into the phones menu.

via 1800pocketpc