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The FCC is at odds with Verizon for throttling unlimited data

Could the FCC be taking a stand against one of the oldest gripes for all mobile device owners? I’m not talking about SIM unlocking I’m talking about throttling your unlimited data. AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint have been doing this for years. The funny thing is most unlimited AT&T plan holdouts still think they are getting unlimited data at full LTE speeds. And now it seems that Verizon is trying to jump on the bandwagon as well. Claiming that this action is for "reasonable network management". This the explanation that that Verizon gave to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.

Wheeler, who sent a letter to Verizon asking for an explanation seems to be drawing a line in the sand. Even though we still can’t get our head around why it has taken the FCC this long to take notice all the while many data subscribers are switching over to tiered data plans. I for one saved a significant amount of money by swapping over to AT&Ts family talk plan for $160. With some stern talks directed at my kids we have been able to live with 10 GB of data monthly without issue. I will take that kind of savings and give up my unlimited data plan anytime.

Wheeler is also quoted as saying "all the kids do it" is something that never worked for him when he was growing up and he doesn’t except it now. Wheeler also said "we have to be careful about attempts to reframe the issue".

Will keep you posted on any more news regarding SEC Chairman Tom Wheeler and his attempts to keep Verizon from throttling data to their unlimited customers.


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