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The Krusell Top Ten Phones For January 2010

Krusell is a Swedish manufacturer of carrying cases for portable electronics, Krusell, releases its "Top 10"-list for January 2010. The list is based on number of pieces of model specific mobile and smart phone cases ordered from Krusell during January 2010. Krusell’s list is unique due to the fact that it reflects the sales of phones on six continents and in more than 50 countries around the globe.

Here is the January 2010 results:

1.(1) Apple iPhone 3G
2.(6) HTC HD 2
3.(4) Nokia E52
4.(2) Nokia 3720
5.(10) Nokia 6700 Classic
6.(5) Nokia 5800
7.(3) Nokia 6303 Classic
8.(-) Nokia X6
9.(9) Samsung B2100
10.(5) Nokia E72
() = Last month’s position.

I don’t think anyone is truly shocked to see the iPhone in the number one position (again), but it I am surprised not to see the Touch Pro 2 listed. I have done a lot of checking with case manufacturers and it seems that there is a lot resistance to make a case for the TP2 in any European or US Carrier version. I have kept tabs on OtterBox and Seidio and both manufacturers do not offer a rubberized Case for them. Krusell and Proporta both do however.

It is good to see the HTC HD2 doing well and moving up to the number 2 position from previously holding the number 6 slot. Then of course the Nokia dominating the remainder of the list.

For more on Krusell and to check out their complete line of cases, CLICK HERE.