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The REAL Facebook Phone is Here

Wait what?  Was the (Phone Who’s Name Is Not Spoken) not Microsoft’s best attempt at having a Facebook phone?  Well I didn’t think so and apparently someone else agrees.  Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is a Social Phone Done Right!  Gone are the dark days of having to wait for an official app to be released, welcome to the new world order.  A Microsofty kind of world. has posted an interesting and IMO spot on article about how the new Windows Phone is the real Facebook phone.  Here are some highlights:

    • “I don’t know whether Facebook has a secret team working on a phone where they control the OS. But the company doesn’t need one. It’s already deeply integrated into Android and iOS. Now with the Microsoft partnership, it’s tied to the most socially optimized smartphone ever brought to the market.”

      “Every aspect of Windows Phone 7 is geared to social networks: phone, contacts, gaming, photos, even Office. Focusing the phone around Hubs doesn’t just mean that local client apps and cloud apps are grouped next to each other. It means that the local client and cloud work together.”

      “Facebook is already embedded in all of them: It’s built into Messenger, Hotmail and Outlook, and it’s what powers part of the social dimension of Xbox Live. And Bing is already embedded in Facebook, in the form of maps and search results.”

No need to wait on magical unicorns just hit hit the link for more info and check it out.  Real Facebook Phone Already Here

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