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The Real Story Of The AT&T and MS WP7 Exclusivity was able to uncover a transcript of the conversation between MS and AT&T executives that would lead to AT&T being the exclusive initial seller of WP7 devices. Here’s that transcript:

AT&T: So, excited?

Windows Phone 7: You mean about the October 11 launch date? Yes … and a little nervous.

AT&T: Well, it will be your first time.

WP7: But still, I’m not shipping.

AT&T: (hesitates) I … I actually wanted to talk to you about that.

WP7: (blushes) You’re embarrassing me.

AT&T: Please, hear me out. I’d … I’d like to be exclusive.

WP7: Oh, my. I don’t know what to say.

AT&T: I just think it could be so good for both of us. I mean, you want to make sales. I want to make sales. We’re meant for each other.

WP7: Well … sure, of course I want to make sales. But that’s just it. I’m so far behind the market now and I need to be, well … (blushes) … in front of everyone I possibly can. You see … Wi-Window Mobile … (breaks into sobs)

AT&T: I know, I know, it must have been brutal having to watch all that.

WP7: (catches breath) I can’t even begin to say. But … (pauses for a moment) … you already have an exclusive. With … it.

AT&T: ( Quickly tries to think of something to say.) Oh, technically, yes, but … we’ve been growing apart. You see … iPhone …

WP7: (painfully) Ahhhhh.

AT&T: … has been calling me … inadequate.

WP7: (looks up) Really? Oh, that’s terrible.

AT&T: And that’s not the worst of it! I always have to give more and more and more. (to self) It’s never enough. It’s never been enough. It never will be enough.

WP7: I am sorry. I never realized.

AT&T: (sniffles) I try to hide it, to smile through the pain. But I can’t any more. It’s not fair. I mean, I do my best…

WP7: Oh, I’m sure you do.

AT&T: But … I understand if you can’t be exclusive. After all, you need someone bigger. Faster.

WP7: Oh no! No, I’m not that way. (pause) I understand what it’s like not to be … wanted.

AT&T: Then … you’ll do it? You’ll be exclusive?!

WP7: (demure) Yes. I will.

AT&T: Oh, I am over the moon and past the FCC! T-Mobile and Verizon will just have to wish they had what we’ll have.

WP7: Just promise me one thing.

AT&T: Anything. Anything!

WP7: That … you’ll be gentle.

AT&T: Of course. You’ll hardly even know that I’m making sales.

WP7: (aside) That’s what I’m worried about.

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