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The rough road to Windows 8.1.1, which is what we’re calling it I suppose.

9ede5228b1227ad9bc0e04e7b21d2a42So a few days after the update is always a time of trials and tribulations as people settle back into their routines and try and accomplish all their every day tasks with the updated version of Windows.  There have always been hiccups in the process of any major and sometimes minor OS updates.  I’ve had my share.  My issues with the Surface RT haven’t been numerous and more an irritation than an issue.  My brother, on the other hand, has had a hell of a time with his.  He only managed to get his Surface to do a single update that continuously got stuck in the middle of downloading through the auto-update process.  I hooked him up with some links for the manual updates and it seemed to fix his issues.  Before that he was complaining of mind-numbingly slow performance out of his Surface.  I had my own issues with the Store not wanting to connect up.  I tried four different wireless networks, restarted a dozen or so times, made sacrifices to every god I could think to name (a lot being a history major.  Why do you forsake me mighty Ishtar?!?) and then merely screaming obscenities at the screen.  I’m not sure which combination of the above made it finally decide to cooperate but it is working now.  I’m thinking it was my Surface feeling unappreciated and wanted me to realize what a jerk I’ve been for not taking more time to sing its various praises from here to there.  We had a talk and seem to have come to an agreement.  I know Jim had a few issues when he was updating as well, but I don’t recall what they were.  So everyone, let’s get a good old circle of update woe going here. Share your current (or past if they’re good) update road bumps you’ve encountered with Windows below.

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