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The Sinch Invades North America

The Sinch is invading! Oh Noes! What is the Sinch you might ask? Well I’ll tell you, it’s nothing nefarious or sinister, it’s actually a unique cord keeper for your phone or MP3 player to help keep your cords untangled.

The secrets of the Sinch lie in its design; an elastic band encapsulates magnets that attach to the audio plug on any smart device headset. Users can then do what they naturally do – wrap their headphones around their device then secure the cords with the Sinch. Unlike other products, this is the only headphone organizer that keeps cords connected to the device for convenient access, but still allows users to remove and store their bundled cords. The sleek and simple design, created by leading innovation firm frog, makes it lightweight, low-profile and transferable to multiple devices.

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