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The Sony XPERIA Arc running Gingerbread and XPERIA UI

The Sony Arc is one of the last devices we have yet to cover here on Mobility Digest that has been announced at the CES Show in Las Vegas. The Arc is a fantastic looking device that I will comment on in a second, but second to the design and media capabilities is the Arc’s Android Powered Gingerbread operating system that is enhanced with Sony’s XPERIA UI as they are calling it. One of the neat things about the Arc and the UI is that the widgets that span 4 to 5 screens swiping left to right can be compressed with a pinch to zoom motion to fit all on one screen. I really liked this enhancement and finally things are really starting to come together for Android and a very unique user interface experience.

The screen on the Arc is called the “Reality Display” that is powered by the Mobile Bravia Engine by Sony.  It measures 4.2 inches with a gorgeous FWVGA resolution. (854 x 480). The Reality Display is LED Backlit LCD Display that as you will see in the video that the media displayed on the ARC is absolutely fantastic. Another feature of the Arc is the no air gap seal around the outside of the device that does not let light in that would cause reflections.

The Camera on the Sony Arc takes 720 HD video as well as 8.1mp photos. The camera also comes with the Sony X4R Camera sensor that can also be found on their Cybershot and HandyCam devices. What this is going to do is give much better low light sensitivity that is a constant problem on mobile devices that

The Sony Arc is absolutely beautiful device to look at. It maintains the squared off profile but becomes strikingly unique to its name the Arc when you turn it to it’s side. The Sony representative jokes that the engineers have said that the Sony XPERIA X10 might be thought of “exhaling in thickness design then the XPERIA Arc could be thought of “Inhaling”. Kind of an interesting way to think of it but one thing for sure, the Arc is absolutely one of the best devices I have seen at the CES Show new products.

I want to give a huge shout out to the guys at GottaBeMobile who really did a fantastic job grabbing video at the CES show. We have used a few of them and of course want to give them full credit for the excellent work. Here is the video:

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