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OtterBox Releases Cases For The SGS3, Lumia 900, HTC One X

For those of you who thought OtterBox would never release a case for the newer Windows Phone devices marvel in the new Defender and Commuter cases now available for the Nokia Lumia 900. Did you really think it would be the Titan 2? The Lumia, which has been a surprise with better than expected sales on a Microsoft Mobile OS that is rock solid has sold over 6 million units in the first three quarters. You may remember us arguing over the fact that it was double the amount that iPhone sold and more than Android and iPhone combined for the first three quarters of their existence. You may agree or disagree there based on the current smartphone climate but one climate that is for sure is OtterBox! (You like that Segway?)

OtterBox has releases new cases for the Samsung Galaxy S III as well as the HTC One X that has really done well for the Android base.

The Defender Series, the most rugged case line from OtterBox, is made with a high-impact polycarbonate shell, a durable and stylish silicone as well as a built-in clear protective membrane over the screen. Silicone plugs keep each device’s access ports free of dust and dirt, while still providing full functionality. Available now for: Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One X and Nokia Lumia 900.*

The Commuter Series is smooth and stylish and combines a durable silicone mid-layer, one-piece polycarbonate shell and self-adhering screen protector to provide on-the-go protection. The slim case slides in and out of a pocket easily and cushions the device to avoid damage from bumps and dings. Available now for: HTC One V and Nokia Lumia 900.

Head on over to OtterBox for more information and to see all the colors available for your device. The Defender Series will set you back $49.95 dollars for maximum protection and the Commuter will run $34.95.