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The (Un)Official TMo US HD2 Update

Earlier today PocketNow reported that the D2 update was leaked. We’ve seen this in the past. if you recall the Fuze update was leaked before it was ‘official’. The final version was unchanged and I’d bet we’ll see the same thing here. We waited to post this to try to get some feedback. Here are the raw stats compared to the original ROM:

Os version 5.2.21892 (21892.5.0.89) versus 5.2.21889 (21889.5.0.87)

Manila version 2.5.20121412.2 versus 2.5.20121412.1

ROM version 2.13.531.1 (90963) WWE versus 2.10.531.1 (82076)

ROM date 4/28/10 versus 2/22/10

Radio Version versus

Protocol version versus

The OS is from February so it’s not that up to date (relative to XDA at least:)). The lags in HTC messaging are supposed to be gone. The reports range from there are no screen tap lags at all to intermittent lags. From great reception to watching reception bounce from 5 bars to 1 bar. Swype was updated and the use of symbols is easier. It also seems like SPL gets updated with this ROM so if you had an unlocked phone it’s relocked. Anyone testers out there want to share their thoughts?

The download is available here.