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The White Lumia Is Just Days Off–Who’s In Line?

Nokia’s white Lumia 900 (with it’s piano glossy finish) is just days off now. Starting Sunday they are supposed to be available. As of now, the cyan is still out of stock so I can only imagine how long the white will be available for. If I were a betting man, I’d give it a few hours until you the store sells out of their stock (which I’m guessing is 4-5 per store to be fair).

Now like usual there is one big boulder in the way of sales- AT&T. Go to their website and try to find out about a white Lumia 900. Good luck. In fact, I spoke to a sales rep recently and he had no idea what I was talking about and when I said it was coming out on the 22nd he looked at me and said “I guess we’ll see” as though I had made up that date.

This is a museum piece though. I’m excited to see this in person.