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This Is How You Sell WP7

If they didn’t circle the phone you never would have found it:) This is from Technoholik’s June 30th supplement to the Economic Times.

If you must know, the text reads: Windows Phone 7. What’s the plan? The iPhone, says Microsoft, is stagnant. It relies on new apps to keep it interesting. Android is ‘”fragmented” because too many handset manufacturers are running different versions on different hardware. Windows Phone 7, then, in on a mission to motivate. Will it work? Going by our first look at the new OS it might just. It needs a hefty base hardware spec but this, says MS, will reduce consumer confusions and free manufacturers up to introduce wondrous high-end features. The OS itself is pretty, with crispy 2D Zune-esque ‘Live Tiles’ that shift and update in realtime and make the iPhone’s icons look dated.

This isn’t MS’s ad but it’s certainly one way to get people to know about your upcoming products.

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