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Tim Cook Confirms Apple Watch Battery Will Last About A Day

With all of the positive things that have come to light about the Apple Watch, most of the marketing against it will be going straight after the battery life. And it looks like Microsoft, which is about ready according to rumors to launch their own wearable technology that is rumored to last two days. A lot is unknown with the Microsoft Watch but as I wrote yesterday, it will have it’s hands full finding it’s way in a soon to be congested market.

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But Time Cook as confirmed to the WSJ that the Apple Watch will last about a day and then require charging. What that really means is that if use it moderately it will last about a day. But analysts are suggesting that the wearable technology market will not be just a fashion bragging right, but a major part of the way we stay connected. That along with being a new gadget and certainly going to be power used will probably mean you will not be passing too many power outlets towards the evening hours.

A big draw on power resources is the Retina screen even though the resolution is still not known yet. The LCD technology employed by Apple will require a power sucking back light to work in the background when ever the screen is used. This is a much greater power hogging display compared to other devices that will make use of OLED technology.

According to

“Cook did hedge a little on the Apple Watch’s actual battery life, saying most people would “wind up charging it daily.” He refused to talk about the capacity of the battery, though. It’s possible Apple is still working to integrate a larger battery or optimize the software to make sure even heavy users can get through a day without running dry.”

I still think the lack of battery life will affect the sales of the Apple Watch but it will certainly fuel a lot of internet articles and blog posts.