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Wtf Is Bada?? [Ask the Readers]

So the other day Gil (guest dude and WP owner from mobilespoon) posts some platform market share stats, and this Bada thing, Samsung’s pet platform, has overtaken WP. Excuse me? Where did this thing come from and how is it already leaving WP in the dust?

And what does that mean for Samsung and WP? Putting myself in the shoes of Samsung (which are too small, I’m a size 13 and Koreans, well,..), I’m thinking one experimental OS venture at a time just sort of makes more sense than two, and at this point, might as well go with the one that belongs to you, the one that’s on more phones than WP, the one you not only don’t have to pay licenses to use but could conceivably license out one day, the one that’s headed north, the one that’s not sliding down, the one that doesn’t have Microsoft and Windows and the number 7 smeared on its name that the kids these days just don’t seem to find hip for whatever reason, the one that wasn’t dumped (divested) onto a desperate Nokia which in spite of everything we were told has no apparent attention of slowing down their Symbian and MeeGo phone development to be pretty much fully displaced by WP…

You get the idea, where I’m coming from, that it’s obvious Samsung sees something special in Bada that it does not in WP.

Why though? WP is sweet! How can you top Metro UI and them lives tiles? Crazy Koreans with their pandas and their superfluous mobile platforms. But if you’re going to ditch WP, fine, sure you have your reasons (probably a healthy amount of them from what keeps popping up in the news), but why not stick with Android? Why make yet another platform? What the hell is this OS, what’s unique about it, what’s good about it, what’s bad, does it have legs, where could it go?

Anybody try it? Are we going to be hearing about Bada a lot more soon or is this going to sort of, you know, fizzle? Might Samsung reserve their next ultimate phone with their Super Duper AMOLED technology for the platform exclusively? Android app compatibility? WTF????

Do you see Bada as a serious competitor to WP? How about a serious contender to the bigger players? Thanks, readers. And thank you Gil from mobilespoon.

Regarding pandas being more of a Chinese thing than Korean, there’s gotta be at least a couple pandas in South Korea. Probably gifts to North Korea that made it through, after eating some bamboo and sort of relaxing and sneezing, the DMZ to the happy Korea.

Speaking of North Korea and China, they’re old pals and Microsoft is super friends with China, and I don’t need to tell you how North and South Korea get along – you see where I’m going with this?  Nah, that can’t have anything to do with it, forget I said that.