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Tips & Tricks for iPhone 4S Users

Apple’s latest iPhone release, the 4S, did not fail to capture a lot of attention for it’s great form factor, 3.5 inch retina screen with stunning 960-by-640-pixel resolution at 326 ppi, and of course Siri. While Siri get’s a lot of attention about answering questions like the meaning of life and how Santa uses the iPhone 4S, there are some new functions never before found in any iPhone version. Quite often when a consumer gets a new mobile phone, they do not use it to its full  capacity. Users often don’t know what neat tricks their phone can do and how it can help them in their day-to-day tasks.  This can      be due to the fact that some of these new functions aren’t obviously pointed out, and not everyone goes through the entire      handset booklet! There are actually many little tricks that users can perform with the iPhone 4S to get more out of their phone.

findmyphoneFind my iPhone function

One problem many users have with their mobile devices is that they simply cannot find them. Perhaps it just got misplaced or it was lost somewhere far away from home. In either case, the Find my iPhone function can help customers to find the location of their iPhone on a map. If the phone is not easily recoverable, then you      can go about different ways to protect your data contained on the phone. For instance, users can set a passcode from a remote location. This means no one is able to use the device unless the correct password is entered. Another task that can be accomplished from a remote location is simply wiping your data from the phone.

  • Locate your iPhone on a map
  • Display a message or play a sound to help you find it
  • Set a passcode lock remotely
  • Protect your privacy with Remote Wipe

Setting up Airplay is easy, if you need more help, head on over to Apple and read this.

mapsMaps function

When using the maps function, it is quite simple to find a location. If you touch a certain location on a map and hold it,  you will be able to place a pushpin on the map. Then the iPhone  will give you various options for that location. You can determine  the address., get directions to the location or even be able to view a street view of the location.


With the iPhone 4S, users can print information. Using AirPrint, they can select from emails or web pages that are found on the phone. All you need is to have an AirPrint enabled printer and then you can print by simply pressing a button on your handset. If you have and older iPhone 4 or original iPad, all you have to do is update to iOS 4.2 or later to get Airplay . If you need more instructions on how to use Airplay, check out Apple’s page here.

Those are a few of the Apps I use on my iPhone 4S that don’t get recognized as much as Siri, but they are very useful to me in how I use my iPhone 4S. If you are looking for the iPhone 4S in the UK, then check out Phones4U to help you decide to get either white or black versions of the iPhone 4S to suit your personal taste and get started using all the apps!

Kate from the UK