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Tmo To Release Sick Android Phone

Some leaked promo/spec doc breaks down the myTouch HD Emerald with some noteworthy specs: 1GHz dual core processor, HSPA+, front VGA and back 5MP camera with video conferencing over both wifi and cellular, Android 2.2, HDMI out, 4GB internal (ram unknown) and a 3.8” Super-TFT display which the Samsung guys claim is the best screen technology on the streets. Another leaked document suggests it may hit early November.

Quick note on HSPA+, its theoretical limits are 56/22mbps down and up respectively. T-Mobile’s pinning the theoretical limits and to their credit using the word theoretical of their HSPA+ network at 21/5.7mbps, they call it 4G and they claim their speeds put AT&T and Verizon in the ditch three times over. Here’s some guy firing up a speedtest which weighed in at an impressive 8.2mbps down 2.2mpbs up. I’d just love to get my hands on a HSPA+ T-Mo phone and do some side-by-sides in midtown Manhattan during business hours. That would be revealing. AT&T sets the bar pretty low thereabouts.

You know what I like about T-Mobile’s data service in addition to their aggressive expansion of HSPA+ both geographically and throughput-wise? Unlike the other guys, if you go over your monthly allowance of 5GB on the $40 data plan, they don’t sting you in the ass with overage fees or bump you up into a higher priced bandwidth tier with a little surprise in the mail at the end of the month. Instead, they reserve the right to throttle you down a notch or two if you break through the five gigs but I’d imagine they’d only do that if you’re really way over 5GB or you’re eating up more than your limit in a densely populated area if the network is getting strained, though that’s just a wild guess from a disgruntled AT&T customer.

Doug Simmons

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