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Tool released to fix “Walshed” phones

Most everyone was rather anxious to update their phones to NoDo a few months back, and as a result several people used less-than-official methods. A common method was using Chris Walsh’s tool, but it was revealed shortly afterwards that the tool could possibly have undesired effects for those using it. It was yanked down a few days later, and then Microsoft said that ‘Walshed’ phones wouldn’t get updates past NoDo.

Earlier today, Chris came up with a tool that allows those with “Walshed” phones to continue updating via official methods. The fix is free and has been tested and approved by Microsoft.

If the tool applies to you, head on over to Chris Walsh’s Site to download. There are separate downloads for 32 and 64-bit Windows, and it appears to be a simple two-step process. For those who used the Walsh method to update their phone initially, let us know what the tool does for you.