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Touch Pro 2, Meet Your Competition – The Omnia Pro

What if you took an Omnia and added a slide out keyboard? We’ll you’d have an Omnia Pro which is a yet be officially announced. It’s rumored to be sporting a 624mhz CPU and have a 5mp camera (yup both specs beat the Touch Pro 2 with the processor about 20% faster) as well as a WVGA screen measuring 3.5" (just shy of the 3.6" screen of the Touch Pro 2). It’s expected to be a July release date and run around $650 unlocked. Looks like we’re going to have a good old fashion shoot out on our hands and I’m loving it:)

Note that the picture is a mockup and despite showing Windows Mobile 6.5 the phone will be released with 6.1 but will be upgradeable to 6.5. Let’s hope that the Omnia Pro is news and not rumor;)

Source is via UnWiredView