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Best Buy Now Has The Telus HTC Touch Pro II

Looks like Best Buy is going to steal of Telus’s thunder by announcing the HTC Touch Pro II before Telus! Best Buy has posted on their website that you can now purchase the HTC Touch Pro II for $249.99 with a 3 year contract locally at their stores!

Looking at the specs listed by Best Buy, this is not the World Edition that so far seems to be unique to only Telus, but it does have the 3.5mm audio jack that the Euro Touch Pro II does not have. So is Telus holding back the good stuff for their own Dog and Pony Show? Who the heck knows, but on another note, we have learned today that the US AT&T Stores, or at least some of them have begun pulling the Fuze (HTC Touch Pro) from their displays! Could this mean the Fortress (Touch Pro II) could be landing soon? Who the heck knows, but the AT&T information channels are very tight lipped on this one!

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