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Touch Pro 2 TF3D Port Publicly Released To Contributors

We can now confirm that the long awaited XBoxMod TP2 version of TF3D for the Touch Pro has been released to members who have contributed to his project. This will be the same file expected to be available to the public later today and we’ll update you when that happens. The release provides the following instructions:

2-Disable tf3d from today plugin then reboot the device.
3-install XBmod VGA Rhodium then reboot
4-install HTC New Contact then reboot
5 reactive tf3d today plugins and enjoy.


The main files are located in a subfolder called ‘required’ and there are optional additions for HTC Notifications, Menu Enhancements and Volume Control all ported from the TP2. There is also a cab to enable/disable the start menu and to hide/show the programs tab included in a subfolder called Manila Tweak. The required files (TF3D and contract card enhancement) total 32megs and since these are manila files they will ultimately reside in your \Windows directory meaning that you need some free space in your main memory for this.

I can also now confirm that this version WILL work on a stock AT&T Fuze ROM and also that this will not require a 21xx version of Windows or require a new ROM with this built into it. It’s a black background with green highlights on presses, white lettering and the curtain is semi-transparent gray. Many things will feel just like the TF3D we know and love with some great upgrades. The clock is a white flip clock. The calendar tab is fully functional and switches from a today to month view with the left soft key and when you view the calendar appointments you are viewing an HTC version of the calendar (it looks like TF3D and not standard Windows). A stock tab was added and the weather tab shows the entire 5 day weather on the overview page. I could not get it to update the weather for me though and instead I got a connection error message. [If you get this error: turn TF3D off, go to file explorer, my device, application data, htc, databases and delete forecast_cache.db, then go back and start TF3D.] On the settings tab there is now a Customize Tabs button that lets you rearrange the tabs and enable/disable tabs. The Programs Tab is not enabled by default. And of course, the biggest change is that TF3D works in landscape mode which autorotates based on orientation. When in landscape, there’s a small button in the lower left so that the tabs disappear to give you more available screen and when pressed the TF3D tabs appear so you can scroll between them. Everything you can do in portrait mode you can do in landscape and everything appears to be functional. There are some slight resizing issues (a few words that fall off the screen and the A-Z menus are a little squished) but it’s all really minor for what you get. Also, within the Settings tab is a gsensor rotation settings button that does not appear to be functional.

One of the other huge enhancements is the way contacts are handled. Each contact now has it’s own card so when you open the contact you can view your emails, texts and phone call log with that person. The text message tab has been prettied up as well and looks a lot cleaner than the Fuze stock TF3D text message tab does showing the contact photo and the space to write your message is cleaner. The contacts list itself has also been updated and now fits in with the finger friendly TF3D theme. Within contacts there is also a favorites tab and a call log tab. Any contact added as a favorite was working flawlessly for me but if I tried to browse my contacts (not my favorites) it caused TF3D to crash which appears to be a known bug that is being worked on.   Since I am using a stock ROM the menu enhancements and notification enhancements are not functional (that’s not XBox’s doing – it’s HTC’s).

Regardless of if you have received a download yet the link to contribute to XBoxMod is here. Remember that this is the first public release and is not a final release. Also, this is all voluntary work and this project has clearly been a huge commitment in time and energy to the team behind this. More to come tomorrow but there are lots of reasons to be smiling…