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TP2 Touch Input Keyboard Mostly Ported

I have been shying away from posting beta or incomplete solutions in porting from the Touch pro 2 but this is an exception for a few reasons. First of all, if you check out the photos you will see the new layout which is really nice and it works well in portrait mode. As you can see (below) there’s press-key previews and all of the other goodies we’d expect from an HTC keyboard. But there is one real gem here that I was not aware of (maybe you were:)) and that is that if you disable T9 you can still use this keyboard and get the old style autocorrection and autocompletion that a lot of us used to love from Windows (and not the T9 autocomplete without autocorrect). If you’ve been with us for a while you’ll know that I posted an extensive writeup on how to disable T9 and the benefits of it (like full autocorrect and autocompletion and that enables you to write ‘pcm’ and it corrects it to ‘please call me should you have any questions regarding the foregoing’ whereas that is impossible in T9). Well if you install the disableT9 cab (found in that same entry) and soft reset (make sure the keyboard settings have ‘enable autocorrect in ABC mode’ checked) then you can get the benefits of good old Windows Mobile (sorry, Windows Phone) style autocorrect and completion. You should know that if you disable T9 then the keyboard won’t function in T9 mode (you would need to disable the disableT9 cab to get it to work in T9 again).

So the picture above shows old-school autocompletion with the drop down box. Here is T9 completion in action in both portrait and landscape and as you can see, landscape is what makes this a work in progress as the layout is slightly cutoff.

The keyboard can be downloaded from here for the English version and multi-language is located here. This is the work of jmztaylor of PPCGeeks whom we all owe thanks to. Hopefully between him and Herg and the rest of the guys this will be completed to work in landscape and portrait but I’m happy as anything at the prospect of a real keyboard like this working without T9 like it always should have.

Note: It’s been pointed out to me that this is the same file as is lcoated here on XDA so there are two threads working on this.