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TP2 Versus Fuze Photo Quality…Take 2

As a follow up to yesterday’s posting on our thoughts of the TP2’s photo quality (which again was really started to note the nice video resolution increase) here are some photos that are taken back to back of the same subjects to show the Fuze compared to the TP2. The hardware specs in the phones are identical but again we don’t know if a chipset or other hardware element was swapped out or if this is software that is driving the differences…let’s hope it’s software:)

First up is the one that stared it all. Here are two still screen shots of video taken on the Fuze (left) and TP2 (right). Recall that the TP2 is shooting at 640×480 compared to the Fuze’s 320×240.

Fuze Video StillTP2 Video Still

Let’s move on to low light photos. Here is a picture taken by the Fuze and in the second shot it’s simply zoomed to 100% to make it easier to see the detail:

Fuze backyard Fuze backyard 100

And the same shots again but this time it’s the TP2:

Touch Pro  backyard Touch Pro  backyard 100 percent

And as we noted, the Touch Pro 2 manages to take a brighter photo under the same dim conditions and on the same settings. So you get a brighter and more detailed photo.

The side by side shots of the two in bright light show similar quality and the variations seem reproducible on the other phone if the settings are played with…so they’re both pretty good in bright light. We opted to not post those photos because they’re slightly misleading in that respect but they are very comparable to the point that you would likely not be able to tell which device took the photo.

So, here’s to hoping there is software optimization in play here and it makes it’s way to the Fuze!:)  Thanks again to Anudeep a/k/a the man with the TP2 that we’re jealous of:)