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Two Windows Phone 7 Devices Caught Using AT&T’s Network

Our friends over at WMPoweruser have caught wind of some interesting info.  Looks like 2 WP7 devices have shown up on DSLReports, a mobile speed testing site.  Both were using AT&T’s network.  The first device is a LG C900 and the other is the HTC T8788.  We know pretty much nothing about either device other than their model numbers and that they will run WP7.  There is a now an increased likelihood they will come to AT&T, however it’s not a guarantee as Microsoft, Samsung, or HTC could simply be testing them on AT&T but not for AT&T.  Try as I might I could not find the HTC T8788 on the DSLReports page, but there were multiple instances of the LG C900 and Samsung Taylor listed.

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