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Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows RT Devices

For many people using new technology or change is a bit daunting and hard experience. Now with its Start Screen replacing the traditional “Start” button of Windows morphing Windows desktop as an App, Microsoft really brought a good amount of change to Windows culture. Whether you use a touch enabled device, or a traditional desktop or laptop, you find Windows 8 is more responsive and faster. WinTab

The Start Screen is composed of Tiles representing Apps that are built using Modern UI (formerly known as Metro UI) and some of the Tiles are Live Tiles, which bring up to date rich information on to the screen, making it to true “Glance and Go,” which has its roots from Windows Phone.


Windows devices that are powered by Windows 8, Windows RT have faster, responsive and smoother appeal and are better than ever before. They are more versatile than competing technologies. The App Ecosystem is growing and it already has more than 50,000 apps to choose from.


In the next few posts, which I am planning to post regularly, I will try to introduce you to key features of Windows Tablets, whether it is powered by full Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro for x86/x64 processors or ARM based Windows RT. I hope I will help you to get grip on Windows Tablets for work, recreation, or organizing your life.