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Microsoft Is Not Championing A Race To Bottom

Microsoft announces something positive and The Verge’s Tom Warren finds a way to muck it up. Typical but its his opinion and he’s entitled to it. So basically the market will get flooded with crappy tablets because the OEMs don’t have to pay as much for their Windows licenses? Thats one way to look at it. Here is another way. Think of it as the “Faith in Humanity” view.

Seeing as how the cost to produce a smaller Windows 8 tablet will drop for OEMs that leaves more room to put a higher quality component together and keep the same price point. What about upgrading the storage memory on a tablet to combat the initial space taken up by the OS. Tablets could start off at 64GB instead of 32 and maintain a similar price point.

Other than that let me make this clear. Now that Microsoft is lowering the cost for Windows 8 licenses on smaller tablets it is up to the OEM to build quality devices. If they don’t the market will vote with their dollars. There is no need to make it seem like OEMs churning out bad designs is anymore Microsoft’s fault as horrifically bad Android phones being produced a few years ago was Google’s fault. How in bloody hell can you lay the blame at the feet of the software provider for what you feel won’t be good enough hardware. Guess waiting for the Surface Mini’s debut and seeing top quality manufacturing would be too late to produce such nonsense.