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US Windows Phone Launch: 40k Phones?

The Street is reporting that the US Windows Phone launch is reported to be 40,000 phone sales. This is despite a $100m+ campaign. So on it’s launch day it’s less than 1/5 of the average day for Android or Apple. They note that releasing a phone on a Monday doesn’t help anything (Friday or Saturday is a better launch day). They also note that too many options of phones may have been confusing to consumers (man people are dumb). The problem probably would lies in the fact that consumers don’t get that a Windows Phone means it’s an operating system and not a singular phone (like an iPhone). Still, Christmas is looming so we’ll see what happens when more phones and buzz are in hands. Oh and of course, we have to find out if these numbers turn out to be accurate since they’re not verified numbers – it’s based on a market research source that tracks phone sales which means it’s speculation and filed under rumor. This does pressure MS to release some solid numbers though before the silence leads to a conviction.

Anyone out there think these figures are accurate? Feel free to speculate wildly in the comments.