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Don’t hold your breath on a cyan or yellow Lumia 920 in stores tomorrow

imageLet’s take a little perusal on the AT&T website and see what happens if we search for available phones in the stores of NYC.  I see high gloss red is available in two locations; high gloss white in just one; black seems to be everywhere; and cyan and yellow are in none. I tried this in Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles and Dallas and got the same results.

This either means that the shipments of these colors haven’t gone out or they went out late and will arrive in the stores tomorrow. Of course, the alternative is cyan and yellow are in stores but for some reason these colors are simply being omitted from showing availability but I don’t see the logic there.

I did try to call local stores and they refused to give me any indication as to the availability of any colors, but they did confirm that the rechargeable plate was going to be available for free (although it’s always hard to trust sales reps).

I really hope I’m treated wrong. I prefer brick and mortar stores so I opted out of pre-ordering online and was hoping to talk a rep into selling me one tonight (without any luck at all) so tomorrow morning I’m racing to the stores.