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USBFever Announces Skeleton Case for iPhone 5

Check this out, I had to share it, it’s just too cool not to share I think. I get the email announcements every week from USBFever about what new products they’ve just released and this Skeleton case for the iPhone 5 is cool I think, and it’s rather funny. I especially like the description… price is $11.99 and for that I ‘d have to have one just because…



This is horrible case that sometime it may scare your kids or some guys with chicken heart.
It indeed is a very useful case. In its static status, the tongue will lay flat on the case.  When you need a stand, just push the tongue and it will comes out and you can use it as a stand case.

The skeleton magically designed in the case so you can get a funny and useful case for your iPhone 5.

Product link here: