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Venue Pro Firmware Update Finally Coming on May 18th?

The only thing keeping the Dell Venue Pro from being the best Windows Phone device, in my eyes, are the crashing issues. The reason I hated Symbian was because of the constant crashing and hanging of the system. While Windows Phone on the Dell Venue Pro doesn’t come anywhere close to how bad my N97 was, it’s still quite annoying to have to yank the battery out(especially when you have a case on it). Rumor has it that the long awaited firmware update will be pushed out on May 18th. I called Dell, but the representative I spoke with was unable to verify the date. I hope for Dell’s sake that they really do push it out by the 18th. I’ve been waiting forever for this update, and it was promised to be out “soon” back in January, then it was supposed to come out with the NoDo update(it didn’t).

Dell, please don’t turn my Venue Pro into another N97. Both showed so much promise until they were released. Nokia also promised to update date the firmware(which they did), but it wasn’t enough to make it usable. Learn from Nokia’s blunder and get your ship in order before you launch your next device or you will lose consumer confidence in your products.