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Need Local Databases in WP7? Two Possible Solutions

One huge gripe developers have with WP7 is a lack of local database storage so if you have a database (lets say it’s scanner data or sales info) you need to store it in the cloud (check out their complaints). The problem is that there’s no offline storage and even with it, that’s a lot of data to keep pushing back and forth. MS to date has allowed local access through XML which is noted as slow and isn’t as powerful as SQL. MS has also said that there will be local SQL access, just not on day one. Anyway, the devs aren’t sitting idly by. There are now two solutions to this problem to provide local access. The first is an implementation of Sqlite to use isolated storage and a test program is provided here from Dan Ardelean. A second solution comes from EffiProz. I’m not a developer but in reading the devs rants you see why this stuff matters to end users. Let’s hope that these solutions work in the interim and that MS provides a full solution sooner rater than later…you know, before devs choose to not write for the platform.