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Verizon Touch Pro Updated, GPS Unlocked & Visual Voicemail Added

Verizon Wireless has approved a firmware update for the HTC Touch Pro, which makes three major improvements.

The update, firmware version 1.08, adds the long-awaited unlocked GPS previously reported that Verizon agreed to unlock GPS on the Samsung Saga, Samsung Omnia, and HTC Touch Pro. This is the first of three official updates that will make good on that promise, made last year. has confirmed that the update enables standard GPS functionality in Google Maps, as well asWindows Live Search for Mobile.

In addition, the update adds Visual Voicemail support to the Touch Pro. The Samsung Omnia was the first device to add Visual Voicemail. But, like all other Verizon devices, Visual Voicemail will cost $3/month.

Finally, the update adds EVRC-B codec support. EVRC-B is a second revision to the EVRC voice calling codec, and is part of Qualcomm’s fourth generation of voice codecs (4GV). It improves the ability for calls to be managed on the network, in high-demand situations. is offering the firmware update, ahead of its availability on Verizon’s servers. We can verify that the update has been approved by all relevant parties (PCD, HTC, and Verizon). Jump over to the Phone Encyclopedia page, linked below, to download the update.

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