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Verizon’s Double Your Data Promo Ends 6/5

If you are looking for a new smartphone and want to use a lot of Data, then you might want to consider the Verizon Double Your Data Deal that they are running until June 5th. Buy any Verizon 4G LTE device and you can get twice the amount of Data for the same price. See the ad below for pricing. This is a lot better than the AT&T deal I currently am getting hammered on. My daughter had to get more data and I am not shelling out 30 bucks for 3GB, and $25 for 2 GB for the wifey. Of course I still have my throttled down Unlimited Plan that they will have to pry from my dead cold fingers. Hopefully we can all get a break once Verizon rolls out the Family Data Plan soon.

So head on over to Wirefly and check out their deals on Verizon Device. They have a really nice deal on the Droid 3 I am waiting on some details to post.