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VidTrim – Free Video Trimmer For Android Available

VidTrim is a simple Android application that lets’ you trim a video clip so you can get rid of the parts that you don’t want. And it’s ad supported so it’s free. It seems to be working on most devices but it can vary (because of various ways to encode). The working devices are:

– Samsung Galaxy S
– HTC Aria (CM6_6.1.1 ROM)
– HTC Desire (LeeDroid 2.2f ROM)
– HTC Desire
– HTC MyTouch 4G
– Motorola Milestone
– HTC Evo 4G (FC at first, but works fine later)
– HTC Evo 4G (Myns RLS 4 Rom, Ziggy beta CFS 12/19 kernel)

It has issues with the Droid X and Nexus One.

You can download the .apk here. The XDA thread is here.