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Virgin Mobile’s funny stalker commercial

My wife loves to watch The Bachelor on ABC and has done so every year since it started. It’s a total chick flick but the there are some redeeming things about it that make it bearable for guys. Yeah, you nailed it already, the girls are hot and there is always some excuse for them to be in Bikini’s. So being the “good” husband that I am, I watch it with my wife of 11 years and usually hack around on my mobile with little spent attention except during the fore mentioned Bikini’ scenes. I know, I’m scum. Anyway, I happen to look up during a commercial and notices a Virgin Mobile commercial playing. Since it is mobility, I immediately rerouted my attention back to the TV and was met with a hilarious ad that I wanted to share.

It features a girl stalking her man from a high tree limb outside his bedroom. His new neurotic sweetheart is using a Virgin Mobile Android device after their first date to email pictures of their date back to her mom, check out his Flickr stream to make sure she is hotter than his ex’s, Twitter, and even watch his foursquare check ins for patterns. Yeah she’s lost it.

The commercial goes on to talk about their 25 dollar a month data plan and to “Go crazy on Android”. I kind of thought tis commercial was ironic given Google’s most recent charges of wrongful data collecting practices on kids.  Looks like Virgin Mobiles new tree squirrel gone nuts is not the only one trying to learn more about someone.