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Walmart Helping to Buoy iPad Sales?

iOS5-NotificationCenter02Did you know that Wal-Mart is responsible for selling over 10% of iPad tablets in the last 90 days? Me neither. Tim Cook spoke during their recent quarterly conference call about Wal-Mart’s increasing importance. How significant is that 10+%? Apple’s own website and stores accounted for only 26% of iPad sales in the same period.


Has the iPad gone from something you’d expect to find only in an upscale boutique to something the fashion industry likes to term “downscale?”

One thing for certain, it certainly didn’t hurt Apple’s margins in any signficant way and now everyone who frequents Wal-Mart will see the iPad as the premiere tablet on the market. Sometimes truth and reality go hand to hand and that definitely applies here.

Via: Business Insider

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