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Weather Channel Max for iPad update may have issues [UPDATE!]

A couple of days ago I wrote Weather Channel Max for iPad update may have issues and has been freezing the screen up and not launching the application. This stemmed from a Feb. 16th 2011 update. As it turns out, Weather Channel had been aware of the problem and emailed me their response:

“We heard that the iTunes store may have recently experienced a transient issue where a large number of apps became “unavailable,” but it should be resolved by now.  Please try your download again.  In addition, rest assured our team is hard at work continuing to improve the app (ie. screen freezing, etc) based on consumer feedback. “

This email and fix could not come at a better time for me because where I live is going to experience some really bad weather today! So launch your app, it should run fine now.

The Weather Channel Max for iPad By The Weather Channel Interactive

Thanks again to Melissa @ the Weather Channel for emailing me!

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