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WeatherBug 2.0 Comes to Windows Phone

I’ve had many phones in my time and since my first smartphone there’s always been a constant with them, I have to have the weather on the home screen. I don’t know why exactly as I could just look out the window but at this point it’s habit I guess. A new weather app is here for Windows Phones and that’s WeatherBug 2.0 and it’s specifically tailored to Windows Phone 7.5 to take advantage of the Metro UI.


Earth Networks, the owner of WeatherBug products and services and operator of the largest weather, lightning and climate observation networks, announces the availability of WeatherBug 2.0, updated to take advantage of new features made available with the latest version of Windows Phone. Designed to keep on-the-go users in-the-know on the latest neighborhood-level forecasts, severe weather alerts and current weather conditions, WeatherBug for Windows Phone provides users with the customized real-time weather information needed to plan the day ahead, know what to expect, and prepare for changing and even threatening conditions – all in a clear and easy-to-read display.

“Windows Phone is backed by a rich developer ecosystem that is creating a variety of quality apps and games, like WeatherBug, that take advantage of the platform’s newest features and unique design”

“Windows Phone is backed by a rich developer ecosystem that is creating a variety of quality apps and games, like WeatherBug, that take advantage of the platform’s newest features and unique design,” said Todd Brix, senior director, Windows Phone Marketplace, Microsoft Corp. “WeatherBug is a great example of the kind of rich applications that people will find on Windows Phone Marketplace to get the most out of their phone,” he continued.

Like the entire line of WeatherBug mobile, desktop and web products, the WeatherBug 2.0 App for Windows Phone utilizes weather data from the world’s largest weather network, which includes Earth Networks’ exclusive network of neighborhood-level stations. WeatherBug 2.0 boasts a variety of helpful features:

Convenient Live Tiles Interface for Weather: To get the weather you need fast, WeatherBug 2.0 fully utilizes Windows’ fast and fluid Metro design and innovative Live Tiles. The app displays important information, including current local weather conditions, to your Live Tile when pinned to the Start screen. For more weather data at your fingertips, add Live Tiles for detailed one-day and two-day forecasts for a specified location.

Visual Forecasts & Weather Headlines: For the most essential weather information when you need it most, the WeatherBug 2.0 app features weather icons and at-a-glance current conditions from over 30,000 locations worldwide. The app also includes new two-day and extended weather forecasts for more detailed information.

Proactive Weather Warnings & Alerts: Know when severe weather is heading your way. Receive alerts for dangerous weather from both the National Weather Service as well as Earth Networks’ proprietary DTAs (Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts) to get early alerts for approaching severe weather. Visit the Alerts page to view all active warnings in your current location to help keep out of harm’s way when minutes matter.

Pollen Today Forecasts: Allergy sufferers will know what to expect outdoors with new Pollen Today forecasts for saved locations. Get the pollen and allergen updates you need before heading outside.

Live Cameras: Want a bird’s eye view of conditions outside, in your hometown or around the world? Scroll through and view live shots from cameras in the Earth Networks – WeatherBug Network with WeatherBug 2.0. Have a favorite camera? Simply add the camera as tile on your Start screen.

WeatherBug 2.0, updated for Windows Phone 7.5, is available for free download from the Windows Phone Marketplace. To watch a video overview of new features brought to this updated version of WeatherBug for Windows Phone, go to To view screen shots from the WeatherBug 2.0 app, visit

“Weather affects everyone, and having the most up-to-date conditions on your smartphone helps ensure you are armed and ready for what’s ahead,” said Cindy Cruzado, Vice President of Product Management for Earth Networks’ WeatherBug brand. “Millions of consumers choose WeatherBug for the safety and peace-of-mind provided by our severe weather alerts, for planning their free time on weekends, to simply knowing how to dress in the morning. We designed WeatherBug 2.0 for Windows Phone to put all the weather data you need within reach, whenever you need it. In seconds, our app tells you whether you need an umbrella or sunglasses before you head out the door to start your day.”